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There are also many treatment programs around the country that specialize in treating sex addiction.

According to existing research and many behavioral health professionals, sex addiction can take many forms, which vary for each person.

One analogous characteristic is engaging in sexual behaviors despite the negative consequences they bring.

For example, you might continue seeking out sex despite having already lost your job for related reasons.

Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings may be held daily, weekly, or monthly, and members may attend as often as is necessary.

Members receive the support they need to address negative patterns of destructive behavior in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.

Currently sex addiction is not recognized as a diagnosable condition by the American Psychiatric Association’s (DSM-5).

However, many mental health and behavioral health experts believe it should be considered and are pushing for more research on the condition.

Some meetings are held in real time online via an internet connection.

Both online and in-person meetings may be gender-specific or they may be mixed gender and open to all people.

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