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It's inconceivable that this happened because people didn't evaluate how dangerous this person was.").In 1997, he admitted to attacking over 30 women and was suspected by police in 120 attacks.An internal review of the Brossard case prepared by the Parole Board of Canada and the Correctional Service of Canada stated that "the board does not have any criticism to make with respect to the general management of Brossard's correctional plan" and that there was no "irregularity or weakness in the decision-making process." Pierre Etoile, Clement's son-in-law, criticized the parole board, stating that "They tell us in this report that everything is wonderful, no one did anything wrong.Except my family is still grieving." Thérèse Clément, the victim's sister stated that "The guilty party here is the judicial system.The fee at this time increased substantially in an effort to create a cost recovery model, raising to the current amount of 1.The Parole Board of Canada has been criticized for its judgment in the handling of certain cases.

A Record Suspension is a formal means to remove the disadvantages associated with having a Criminal Record for people that have been convicted of a criminal offence.

Specifically, new waiting periods of 10 years were made for personal injury offences and indictable sexual offences.

All other offences fell under a waiting period of 5 years for indicatable offences and 3 years for summary convictions.

" It was reported that Takahashi's victims will not be told where he will live during his parole because of federal privacy laws.

Eric Norman Fish was released to a halfway house in 2004 in Vernon, British Columbia.

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