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Wheelchair users will tell you it isn't always easy to get around in one on earth, so propelling one underwater would seem impossible. Taylor Dean of San Antonio has a You Tube channel of educational animal videos, and last week, her friend Derek (he prefers his last name not be used) shared an ingenious invention with her.Derek, who works at San Antonio's Aquarium Designs, recently helped a goldfish who was suffering from swim bladder disease, a common ailment that prevents aquarium fish from staying right-side up.The images are uncanny, visually arresting, and often quite humorous.While many of Skoglund’s images have a dreamlike quality, , in particular, emphasizes this aspect of her work. A child sits, awake, on the edge of a bed where an adult sleeps.We knew that the Vikings would only have sent the most beautiful ships to be burned for important people in their communities.” They wrote down their memories of Freddy and Bubbles as tributes, then set off for a local stream, where each child set their ships to sail.Leading the procession was a ceremonial vessel, presumably carrying Bubbles and Freddy, lit aflame—just as it would have been in the Viking era.

"People have reached out to us wanting their own 'wheelchair' for their fish," Dean said."I've been working with fish for quite some time and there's all sorts of cute ideas we come up with to help the ones that are injured.Mostly they are just modifications to the tank, though.So he tots set to work, building a fleet of tiny Viking longships out of egg crates and cereal boxes, a proper fit for the fishy pair.As they said on a classroom blog, “We worked in teams of two or three to create Viking Long Ships suitable to send to Valhalla.

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