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As open-minded as you may be, as much as you may believe that you are not a jealous person, it’s still not easy to watch your significant other enjoy the company of another person in an intimate way – and partner dancing is intimate. Examples of the kinds of boundaries that some life-couples set around one of the partner’s dancing include: Setting boundaries expresses your needs, concerns and expectations of your new partner.But if those boundaries include to stop dancing, or to dance much less, or to dance differently, or to end a dance partnership, you have only a 50/50 chance of being on the winning end of an ultimatum.Your non-dancing friends and family, however, may not have the same opportunities for education and may make judgments.Perhaps they’ll see a video of your significant other dancing with someone else, or wearing a skimpy costume, or hugging their dance partner or instructor. They will likely express their own opinions about these things. ” – “I don’t know how you can be alright with your partner looking like that in public.” etc. Those types of opinions actually have little or nothing to do with you or your relationship – they are usually expressions of fear and lack of confidence of the speaker.

For a dancer entering a relationship with a non-dancing partner, there are always concerns about how all of these challenges will play out. We debate whether it’s better to date another dancer, or a non-dancer; whether it’s a good or bad idea to make a significant other a dance partner; whether or not it’s a good idea to try to bring a non-dancing significant other into the dance world.

For example: Dance relationships are weird, and dancers will be the first to admit that.

In some ways, dance partnerships are like platonic marriages.

This is even more true when one partner spends a lot of time on an extra-curricular activity (be it dance, golf, music, crafting, a team sport, etc.).

Time is finite for we mortals and sometimes, that drives us to do as much of one thing we love as possible.

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