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Alex Sherman, one of the promoters of Presley's Ottawa visit, will will travel to Toronto Tuesday to scout the show there and then will return Wednesday with The Pelvis. The appearance of the pencil together with a cardboard advertising card attached with Elvis' picture caused an uproar. "That pencil will most certainly be banned from our schools." The board approved a circulatory letter to be sent to all principals asking them to advise teachers to discourage pupils from attending the show. Tom Parker, Presley's manager, were visitors to one of my recent programs and asked me, on behalf of Elvis, to make this introduction.

Meanwhile, Presley's advance agent, Oscar Davis, visited Ottawa this week and put his approval on the local arrangements. By Gord Atkinson MC CFRA's Showbill When Elvis Presley appears at the Auditorium next Wednesday night I will have the pleasure of introducing the most talked-about show business personality of our day to his countless Ottawa district fans. Tickets for the afternoon and evening performances are available at the Auditorium box-office, and at Lindsay's Record Rendezvous.

After 1934, the Senators NHL franchise was moved to St. Louis Eagles and the Senators were continued as a senior amateur hockey team playing out of the Auditorium.

The franchise was still a drain on the Auditorium and was folded by the NHL in 1935.

Built primarily for ice hockey, the Auditorium was also used for sports events, assemblies and musical concerts.

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The Senators won the 1927 Stanley Cup in the Auditorium, the decisive game on April 13, 1927 against the Boston Bruins in a game which would be the last Stanley Cup finals game in Ottawa in that century.Elvis Presley's actions are too "vulgar" Ottawa Separate School Board decided last night and unanimously passed a motion designed to discourage students from attending the rock 'n' roll star's appearance at the Auditorium. Elvis Presley who will do two shows in Toronto, the day before his Ottawa stint, will gross over sixty thousand dollars for his two appearances at Maple Leaf Gardens.Trustee Leo Henrt, initiating the move said, "We don't want the good reputation of our pupils spoiled by attendance at this thing. While the Colonel had felt on this tour that the crowds were getting larger and just too hard to control, his fear especially from the hordes of young women, the "establishment's" fear's were for the women.On Sunday, July 3, 1927 owing to the threatening nature of the weather, the Thanksgiving Service, which was to have been held on Parliament Hill, was held in the Auditorium.The Auditorium was the home arena of the original NHL Senators from 1923 to 1934.

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