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His mind is melding together of his six parts, but he is limited by their competing thoughts.

He possessed enormous height & incredible strength -- can knock down a bridge with one punch.

Devastator also tried to do the same on Spike Witwicky and Carly Spencer, only to fail as well as they were able to sneak pass by him.

Devastator is slow, awkward & not too bright." Devastator's components were originally neutral Autobots that were given to them as an upgraded gift from Megatron, after he brainwashed & reprogrammed them with the Robo-Smasher.He uses his laser fingers, optical tractor beams & heavy fists to attack the Autobots, only to be countered by Cliffjumper & Wheeljack, who used the Transfixatron against him, causing him to disingage & making the Constructicons have a taste of their own medicine.In the episode "The Core", the Constructicons were tasked by Megatron to make a massive drill to destroy the Earth's core to give them a limitless supply of geothermal energy.Megatron in turn knew this scheme, so he decided to counter it by using a device to override the dominator discs upon the Autobots' return.When the Autobots & Devastator arrived, Megatron activated his plan to counter the Autobots' control of their champion and returning him on the Decepticon cause.

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