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You are going to be in big financial trouble in transition without a job.While some companies cover part-time employees on insurance, you'd be wise to get a full-time job, any full-time job, if you expect any insurance coverage.Many women get HRT covered through insurance as a "hormonal imbalance." This usually slips under the insurance radar even on policies that specifically exclude transsexual surgery and related services.Prescriptions go through rather easily in most cases, but some have reported difficulties with injections. Postoperatively, you should have no problems getting hormones covered.Policies are tailored to companies and individuals.You must look at your own policy for information about coverage.

If they want, they could even get nasty and say you committed fraud by not reporting the condition at the onset.

It depends on the language of the insurance policy itself and their willingness to abide by it.

Often times a 50 to 75 dollar letter from an attorney to an insurance company can get the money flowing to the patient.

Some women have been denied coverage because the insurance company determines their transsexualism was a pre-existing condition.

In other words, they'll say you knew you had this condition when you signed on, so they are not obligated to cover it.

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