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Each club is limited to 10 people to give everyone a chance to participate in the discussion and because the kits we use have only ten copies each.

Each of the clubs reads books off the library's book club kit list which includes both fiction and non-fiction.

After a year of remodeling and planning, Pizza West opened its doors on December 8, 2010.

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Jim and Ann Berry grew up in Stillwater, graduating from Stillwater High School in the 1960’s.

The library supports book discussion opportunities in two ways: BOOK CLUB RESOURCES Payne County book clubs are invited to register as a club with our library.

By registering, your club will be eligible to check out our book club kits. We also offer Room 138 to book clubs that would like to meet in the library.

This is the oldest existing book club at the Stillwater Public Library dating back to 2006.

It meets on the second Friday of each month at noon and is led by Stacy Delano and Andrea Kane.

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