Updating p910i firmware

Asal tetap terhubung jaringan internet, anda pun bisa melakukannya sendiri.

Untuk ponsel-ponsel Nokia, layanan upgrade terdiri dari dua versi: Pertama, upgrade langsung di ponsel (Over the air), layanan ini membutuhkan jaringan GPRS atau Wifi.

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It's not ideal, as you have to manually change it to direct the sound to the inbuilt speakers or bluetooth, but might be a workaround for those that can't listen to their music/podcasts the way they like until a better fix comes along.Upgrade dilakukan untuk meningkatkan kemampuan ponsel. Meski sama merek dan tipe ponsel, namun jika beda firmware tentu kemampuan ponsel tidaklah sama.Ponsel dengan firmware paling baru kinerjanya akan lebih baik.You can assist by generating and maintaining a list of devices that you have tested and know work on Group Wise Mobile Server 2 in your environment.Please login and edit this page to list your experiences.

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